As an Occupational Therapist that has over a decade’s experience in the medico-legal and insurance industry, I strive to create the opportunity for other Occupational Therapists and other industry experts to express their uniqueness and talents and contribute to the success of this business by valuing and embracing their opinions, input and diversity. We strive to be leaders in the Medico-legal and Insurance Industry field when it comes to providing exceptional services at our fully equipped offices. Smart Expert Medico-Legal Hubs is not only an office space, but an experience that will be remembered by the Experts and the claimants.

Rooted in experience...

Ingrid Kleynhans

About Ingrid Kleynhans Wagner

Founder of SMART EXPERT Entrepreneur // Occupational Therapist

I am a dynamic Occupational Therapist and challenge myself to deliver the highest standard of work. Since 2008, I have been involved in the medico-legal industry and developed a keen interest and desire to further myself and my skills within the field.

I have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with many trendsetters and passionate therapists who paved the way for me to continue in this field. I have consulted and assessed clients since 2008 with various conditions, i.e., orthopaedic injuries, head injuries etc., for adult and paediatric clients. I have been involved in assessing and treating children with various conditions, i.e., developmental delays and learning difficulties, for several years.

I am also part of a fast-growing and globally recognised NGO, Gateway Health Institute, which specializes in youth empowerment programmes, improving health in poor communities, and developing technology to facilitate health awareness and prevention programmes.

Smart Expert™

Smart Expert™ was born during the pandemic, when claimants could not travel to areas where experts could assess them, which not only caused a backlog of claimants and finalization of matters, but also impacted on many practices.

Many experts whose practices suffered can now benefit from making use of our serviced, equipped offices, with no need for them to pay their own setup or operational costs, a win-win for all.

As practice owner, I also had the desire to work in a workspace that made me feel valued as an Expert, but also give the claimant a dignified space to be assessed at. By nature, I enjoy working in various spaces and provinces, and wanted to give my therapists the opportunity to choose where they wanted to work.  From here, the Medico-legal Hubs took shape.

Smart Expert™ Medico-legal Hubs has proved successful since its launch in April 2021, and we have received great feedback not only from the referring companies/attorney firms, and Experts who use the facilities, but also the claimants that attended their appointments here. It has also proved significant savings in costs, as the need for travel and accommodation is significantly reduced.

I look forward to creating a workspace that each Expert would want to be part of.

Be The Expert. Be Smart. Just Be. At. Smart Expert. Your Medico-Legal Hub

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