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For most, the pandemic changed the way we work, with many staff forced to work from home, but as staff return to offices, big and small businesses are moving towards a hybrid approach. According to a McKinsey survey, around 90% of organisations intend to combine remote and on-site working as part of their long-term plans – thus offering employees the best of both worlds.


Office spaces are here to stay, but the way they’re used is changing and companies increasingly see the benefits of the more inclusive, cost-effective alternative to traditionally serviced workspaces. 

For a monthly fee (or pay-as-you-go options), you can access a variety of different workspaces with all the services and amenities of a permanent workspace and enjoy all the flexibility of a hotdesking policy. A study by Indeed found that 45% missed having in-person meetings with their colleagues, and 46% missed having side conversations in the office

To accommodate flexibility in the workplace, future offices may include spaces where people can work both independently and collaboratively.

Benefits of using a centralised workspace to facilitate a hybrid way of working for the mobile expert:

  • Save money by only using a formal workspace when you need it, e.g. assessing a claimant. 
  • Enjoy pay-as-you-work facilities in a fully serviced professional workspace.
  • Save time, as you no longer need an office set up, take advantage of a plug-and-play workspace solution designed for your whole team.
  • Improve collaboration and productivity, where you can come to a neutral office space to meet, collaborate, assess and report.
  • Help to improve employees’ work-life balance.
  • Future employees are looking for a business that understands the flexibility they need to do their jobs optimally, so using a hybrid office can widen your talent pool.
  • Boardrooms can be utilised for meetings, training, or workshops.
  • One unique benefit to Smart Expert is that you can bring your team or let us customise a team according to your requirements.

Office space can be expensive, and if you don’t need the full capacity of a dedicated office, then consider a shared workspace. You’ll get all the perks of a serviced office space without the sole expense or responsibility for managing it. Simply book it out and get your team along for a couple of hours, a day, or a week at a time.

How to make it work for you?

In the future, workspaces will look a little different to accommodate hybrid working. Here’s what you can expect.

  1. Redefining traditional workspaces 

Traditional desks are being replaced by more flexible spaces designed to encourage interaction and collaboration.

  1. Encouraging collaboration

Breakout zones and workstations are important ways to encourage collaboration and build a sense of community at the workplace. To increase collaboration, you could redesign your workspace to include spaces for employees to work together and brainstorm ideas.

  1. Shared workspace 

Cope with the challenges of a fluctuating workforce through shared spaces. By sharing an office space with other businesses, you and your employees will benefit from a reduced cost of the office, without having to manage and pay for all the overheads associated with running one.

  1. Create “Quiet Zones”

A place where people can go for a quiet moment, a place to concentrate, or if they need a break. It’s essential to recognise that some people still want peace and quiet in the environment—, particularly those whose home lives aren’t conducive to working from home. 

Ingrid Kleynhans Wagner, CEO and founder of Smart Expert, said, “I look forward to creating a workspace that each expert would want to be part of.”

More on Smart Expert

Smart Expert was born during the pandemic, where experts across the country faced uncertain and challenging times for their practices, many of which were forced to close down. This reality birthed the Medico-Legal Hubs across the country in the face of adversity. This workspace made professionals feel valued while giving the claimant a dignified space to be assessed at.  Smart Expert is a Medico-Legal Hub where multiple experts can assess RAF Claimants or insurance claimants in a centralised workspace over a day or two — specifically designed for mobile experts to rent equipped office space for the duration they require. For attorneys who use our Medico-Legal Hubs, it has also proved significant saving of time, money, and hassle – putting flexibility in the palm of their hands.

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